Tour cost calculation

A simple cost accounting (managerial accounting) for logistics, transportation, passenger mobility and freight forwarders to calculate freight rates, tour costs and costs for a transport order.

After entering the values, you will receive the calculated costs based on EUR per kilometer and EUR per hour of use for the route calculation.

The prime cost factors calculated here can be entered into the free Value-based Routing DEMO and thus calculate the costs of transport orders for explicit routes. Try it.

Previous approaches of filling out Excel spreadsheets and fixed-rate billing of daily rates for drivers or showing purely distance-based costs to derive freight costs and freight rates are no longer necessary. With the value-based routing engine, we can now explicitly include the time-based costs in the planning and use a “machine-based” controller and cost calculator. No more flat-rate freight rates per kilometer, but calculated explicitly on the basis of certain routes at a certain time and date sometime in the future with planning that takes traffic into account.

A significantly more extensive API-based version of the upstream cost accounting system for fleet tour-planning with AI-approximated non-linear cost functions based on over 250 factors for heterogeneous fleets will be available shortly. The values are read directly from your ERP system and processed in segments. To do this, we have adapted the complex cost accounting system of “relative Einzelkosten” according to Prof. Paul Riebel (developed at the University of Frankfurt in 1959) and expanded it with dynamic elements. For example, load and empty km costs can already be taken into account on a freight unit basis and with multidimensional constraints for decision-making.

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