Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) Forecasting, Prediction & Calculation

Integration into your application via REST API for cars, vans and trucks for EUROPE

Reliable ETAs (Estimated Times of Arrival) form the basis for planning in logistics. Almost 60% of all supply chain managers criticize their current ETA solutions & predictions. Calculating the ETA (Estimated Times of Arrival) and thus the travel duration is one of the most difficult areas in planning in road freight transport and transport logistics.

We have developed a novel approach for this. And we are extremely proud of it. To do this, we use a new proprietary artificial intelligence model, which is queried directly by our routing engine and which learns based on historical traffic flows and can very precisely predict the travel time of cars, vans and trucks; especially important, if you don’t plan for the moment, i.e. Arrival time is less than 1 hour, but for a point in time in the future, e.g. for freight rates, appointments for ramps, or over long distances, etc. Even planned a few hours in advance, “live traffic” based systems are no longer sufficient. (e.g. live traffic routing, live speedometer data)

A precise ETA leads to a transparent and reliably timed supply chain.

Product Features

AI based routing engine ETAs

Travel time estimation & predictions with a focus on planning

By better predicting travel times, routes and tours can be planned much more realistically and driving and rest times and delivery promises can be adhered to. Costs can be better estimated and ramp times or other dates such as opening times can be adhered to. The AI has already been trained with millions of data points and continues to learn continuously. Tests have shown that our AI is already so good that even for the point in time “now” there is less than 3% deviation compared to the world’s leading routing engines with live traffic, i.e. e.g. on 6h travel time 3min and ETAs determined for the future ( i.e. everything from 2 hours) is far superior, especially for trucks. The calculation speed for a route e.g. Lisbon to Moscow is approx. 900ms.

  • Use the ETA for early notification
  • Planning ramps/ramp slots
  • Cross docking
  • Tour planning etc.

Curve speeds and turns

We take the curve and turning speeds into account when selecting the route in the routing & navigation as well as in the ETA calculation. Passenger cars and trucks have different characteristics when turning and cornering. This feature has a big effect and segmented vehicle classes can be mapped, allowing completely different route calculations to be carried out for cars and trucks.

Integrate the ETA service into your system via REST API, you send a start and end geolocation or address including a vehicle profile (car, van, truck) and receive an estimated travel time, distance and (if cost factors were provided) too a cost estimate. The service time of stops and possible breaks and refueling stops must still be added up.

For an “AI custom development” for your use case, in which the other parameters should also be predicted, e.g. service time, you are welcome to contact us.

DEMO – Value-based routing for trucks with cost calculation, different ETAs for different days and time with truck transit restrictions and comparison to a car profile.

Convince yourself and test a simple online version.