Tour & Navigation Android App

This simple navigation app can display the route plans of Swarm’s route planners and is a navigation solution for cars, vans and trucks with turn-by-turn navigation and voice prompts. The planned tours of the Swarm tour planning can be imported or the value-based routing engine can be used directly from the navigation app. It is particularly suitable if you are not using any navigation or carrier apps or cannot import the tour plans. We would be happy to expand the solution for your requirements.

With the online maps you always have the latest map material and no map updates are required. Also ideal for sub-contractors who are not connected to a TMS but still want to drive with optimized tours.


  • German and English can be set as the in-app language
  • Vehicle profile selectable car, van or truck
  • Cost factors (costs per hour, costs per km and toll costs per km are to be entered)
  • vehicle height, vehicle weight
  • uses Swarm’s value-based routing engine
  • Import of route plans via QR code e.g. from your TMS
  • Resolve addresses in app

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MyTransport.One – Driver App

Driver app for route planning & navigation

The MyTransport.One or MyT.One [ˈmaɪti wʌn] commerical fleet Android App was specially developed for the professional user. Commercial applications have different requirements than consumer navigation systems. This product is a fully-fledged carrier app and differs from the simple Swarm navigation app in that it has a significantly larger range of functions. This product also uses the powerful AI-supported value-based routing engine from Swarm Logistics. You can import tour plans, plan routes in the app and vehicle tour planning with turn-by-turn navigation and voice prompts; store historical routes and tours and is equipped with a Proof of Delivery solution. Route planning with loaded and empty kilometers can also be initiated from the app. Specially designed for commercial fleets with cost-based routing. Car, van and truck profiles selectable. 

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